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TED Talks allow intelligent and successful individuals to relay important knowledge and experiences to viewers. In this way, internet users can view potentially life-changing clips in a matter of minutes. Many of today’s leading professionals have stated, in no uncertain terms, that TED Talks helped them to achieve their goals.

TED Talks are offered by an abundance of people, on just about every topic under the sun. One of the most common subjects, however, is business (and sub-topics that are useful to businesspersons). From all-time greats to those who’re just getting started in business, the advice provided by TED Talks is priceless.

The following five TED Talks have much to offer those who are in business or are thinking about getting into business.

Let’s take a look!

Kelly McGonigal’s Stress-Adaptation Techniques

Kelly McGonigal, a Stanford University psychologist, offers advice not on how to prevent stress, which she believes is unavoidable in certain situations and parts of life, but rather, on how to adapt to stress, which will render businesspersons better able to meet the challenges of the day (and help in other walks of life, of course).

Simon Sinek’s Leadership Pointers

Simon Sinek, a leadership-consultation professional, has offered fantastic advice to anyone who needs to lead—or who may need to lead. Moreover, Sinek illustrates the importance of leadership by emphasizing its many positive byproducts.

Regina Hartley’s Candid Comments: Perfect Resumes Aren’t the End-All

Former UPS executive Regina Hartley speaks candidly about her belief that the perfect resume doesn’t always mean that the candidate is perfect. With her advice, entrepreneurs can hire the best individuals for their company’s specific needs.

Phillip Evans’s Explanation of Why and How Data is Changing Business

Boston Consulting Group (BMG) professional Phillip Evans believes that data and statistics are revolutionizing business, and in his TED Talk, he provides a useful explanation of why and how this is the case. By effectively analyzing data, entrepreneurs can better meet the needs of a changing marketplace.

Dan Cobley on the Relationship Between Physics and Marketing

Google marketing executive Dan Cobley believes that physics and marketing are closely related, and he explains how he’s used the former to better perform at the latter. He has the results to back this information up—and that’s an understatement!

An internet connection, an open mind, and a few spare minutes are all it costs to watch a TED Talk. The benefits of doing so—especially for entrepreneurs—are substantial.

Thanks for reading, and here’s to entrepreneurial success!