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Starting your own business requires an abundance of qualities and dedication. As an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, and it is up to you to manage multiple aspects of your business, in addition to your personal schedule. Without being effective at time management, entrepreneurs will face immense challenges throughout their business endeavors. When it comes to completing tasks, scheduling meetings and calls, and attending events, entrepreneurs must juggle a lot in what seems like little time. While there isn’t any way to add hours onto a day, entrepreneurs can follow the following tips to become more proficient at managing their time.

Time audit

One of the first things an entrepreneur should do is conduct a time audit. While it may seem counterintuitive to take more time analyzing what needs to be done instead of doing it, a time audit can provide invaluable insight into how long is spent on tasks. Once you figure out where most of your time is being spent, it can be easier to move forward with other efficient time management tricks.

Outsource and Delegate

To master time, it is vital for business professionals to outsource non-core work to others in outside organizations. Small, time-consuming administrative type duties that do not affect the profit or growth of a company are worth outsourcing, as it will open up time to spend on more important matters. When it pertains to projects within the office, it is equally as important to decide the top tasks that must be accomplished by no one else but yourself. Other assignments can be distributed amongst the team.

Create a Prioritization System

It is imperative that entrepreneurs spend some time organizing and prioritizing their “to-do” lists. Often, busy professionals can focus too much on one item, while other items fall to the wayside. Tasks should be organized based on their importance, timeline, and value. Once tasks are grouped into different categories, it can be easier to achieve a greater balance in one’s schedule.

Take Breaks Often

Experts suggest taking a break every hour or so to keep your brain working its best and to avoid burnout. Taking breaks throughout the work day will help entrepreneurs stay productive and can help increase motivation. Breaks should be away from computer screens or work and could include anything from taking a brisk walk, engaging in a non-work related conversation, or reading a book.